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Heirloom End-Grain Cutting Board

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This heirloom-quality end-grain butcher block cutting board is the crème de la crème of cutting boards and durable enough for everyday use. Crafted from local Virginia hardwood, each board has been dimensioned, joined, and planed (twice over to surface the end grain), routed with rounded edges on the top surface, and sanded completely smooth before conditioning with food-safe oil and wax.

End-grain boards are highly desired because of their 'self-healing' properties, which allow them to resist knife marking better than other types of boards. These boards are a labor of love and will last for generations!

The standard thickness for all sizes is approximately 1.75"

Each cutting board comes with non-slip waterproof rubber feet on the bottom to reduce countertop slippage, prevent liquid from collecting under the board and damaging it, and accelerate drying after washing. It is recommended that you regularly condition your board with a food-grade mineral oil or fractionated coconut oil (for a petroleum-free alternative) to prolong the life of the board. Cutting board care instructions will be provided with every order.

Each item is handmade to order and may vary slightly from the picture due to natural variations in wood color and grain. Please allow 4-5 days for production prior to shipping. I strive to turn these around with the highest care and quality as quickly as possible! Please contact me if you would like a specific size or wood species that's not featured here. 

I'm currently using Odie's Oil to condition these boards — it's the best blend of oil and wax I've tried! It's food-safe, solvent-free, non-toxic, waterproof, and contains natural UV inhibitors.