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Magnetic Wooden Knife Holder

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These magnetic knife holders are handmade from either local Virginia walnut, maple, or cherry and are created using incredibly strong rare earth neodymium magnets to securely hold your kitchen knives. Many folks love regaining counter space after hanging their knives and keeping them in a ready-to-use area of their kitchen.

  • 10" can hold roughly 3 knives
  • 12" can hold roughly 4 knives
  • 14" can hold roughly 5 knives
  • 16" can hold roughly 6 knives
  • 18" can hold roughly 8 knives
  • 20" can hold roughly 10 knives

Two keyhole hooks are routed into the back for easy (flush) hanging on your wall. If you prefer to mount on your wall without the need for hooks, please let me know via email or Instagram DM and I can provide double-sided mounting tape instead.

The product in the photos showcases a walnut knife holder that's 16" x 2" — you can select your preferred wood species and size during checkout. 

How these are made

I source local hardwood and dimension the wood on all four sides, cut the wood to the appropriate size, plane the surfaces flat, drill 1" holes in the back with a drill press, make the holes a little deeper with a plunge router to get the magnets as close as I can to the other side to ensure a strong magnetic pull, insert one 3/4" round by 1/4" thick magnet in each hole and secure with CA glue. I cut 1/2" pieces of oak from a 1" oak dowel and insert one into each hole and secure with Titebond wood glue, allowing them to cure overnight. I then rout two keyhole hooks into the back to allow you to hang these flush on your wall. Everything is then sanded smooth and finished with hydrating wood serum and conditioner

Please note that these are made-to-order, so please allow 2-3 days for production prior to shipping. I strive to turn these around with the highest care and quality as quickly as possible!

I partner with Bumblechutes for all of my wooden kitchenware care. They handcraft all of their care products using the finest all-natural ingredients from their small shop in New Hampshire, USA with beeswax from local apiarists. 

Hydrating Wood Serum

Made with only food-safe ingredients, the Hydrating Wood Serum soaks into the wood to saturate, rid harmful moisture, and protect your wooden kitchenware from harmful ultraviolet rays. This special batch of ingredients will provide a level of protection for wood from the inside out. The Hydrating Wood Serum also helps to prevent chipping, swelling, protects against UVA and UVB rays, and even acts as an antibacterial agent. Ingredientsmineral oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, zinc oxide, lemon oil.

All-In-One Wood Conditioner

Made with only food-safe ingredients, the All-In-One Wood Conditioner is exactly what is needed to rid harmful moisture, saturate the wood fibers, seal the oil, and protect your wooden kitchenware. This special batch of ingredients will provide a level of protection for wood while providing a warm look that will highlight the natural colors and leave a silky smooth surface. Ingredients: mineral oil, coconut oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, vitamin E oil, zinc oxide, lemon oil.