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Knotted Maple Serving Board with Champagne Bronze Handles

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This "knotted" serving board is made from a slab of maple that I acquired from arborists who were cutting down a maple tree across the street from our home. I had the slab milled by a sawyer near Shenandoah and air-dried it for a year in a protected area in my backyard. This is the first piece I've produced from the local maple slabs.

Maple is a very solid hardwood and you'll be able to tell the minute you pick this up or feel its density. The live edges are preserved with a combination of chiseling, debarking, and sanding. Knots are cleaned out by hand with a chisel to remove any loose bark and then sanded and polished with a Dremel. The board is dimensioned on two sides, planed, sanded up to 400 grit, and conditioned with hydrating wood serum and wood conditioner. I added two walnut bowties to the underside of the board to secure the natural cracks and sealed any superficial imperfections with epoxy to create a smooth surface. Lastly, I attached two champaign bronze handles to make carrying items on the board easier since it's quite heavy, and then put cork bumpers over the area where the screws are inserted on the back to protect your table or counter.


21.5" long
9.5" wide
1" thick

This board was finished with Odie's OilFood Safe, Solvent Free, Non-toxic Wood Finish and Stabilizer. Contains natural UV inhibitors-sunscreen.